Produce Humidifying Equipment

Our humidifying equipment is engineered and made in the USA. We have been helping various industries with their humidification needs for 30 years, and we are known as the top producer of humidification systems for industrial and commercial needs.

Humidifying equipment for many different industries

Our humidifying equipment includes direct space models that have easy plug and play installation and can be mounted on the wall. We also offer in-duct models that are designed for applications requiring in-duct installation. Our products feature complete evaporation technology with no wetting or pooling. Companies that need a mobile humidification and disinfection system also rely on us for their humidification needs, as do large greenhouse and nursery operations that are over 10,000 square feet in size. These systems control dust and humidity as well. Our fog tunnels are used for food safety treatment and can be used with any existing conveyor system, or we can customize a system for your business.

Humidifying equipment with other capabilities

At Smart Fog, our humidifiers are also capable of fumigation and cooling that is needed by some industries. Regardless of the specific humidification that you need, we are able to design and manufacture a system for you.

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