Prison Humidity Levels Effect on Healthcare Spending

The United States prison systems spend millions of dollars on healthcare expenses for prison inmates every year. As you may know, unregulated prison humidity levels create health risks for inmates that can contribute to the expensive cost of inmate healthcare expenses. High prison humidity levels create a conducive environment for harmful, microscopic organisms, mold, and mildew to grow. SmartFog® systems utilize a natural decorrelation technology that produces the smallest water droplet in the industry. Our SmartFog® humidifier systems provided intelligent, precise humidity control and a 100% dust free environment because of this technology.

Regulated Prison Humidity Levels & Benefits

Regulating the prison humidity levels with a SmartFog® humidifier system is a smart, cost-efficient, energy efficient choice. SmartFog® technology uses a natural decorrelation process to create the water droplets in the most energy efficient way possible. The result saves money on the energy consumption of our systems. The natural decorrelation process also utilizes large orifice sizes resulting in a low maintenance system. This process also contributes to the low energy consumption as well. The CPLC controller in a SmartFog® system identifies the most efficient way to generate the perfect humidity for any environment.

Regulated prison humidity levels would help in lowering healthcare expenses by eliminating the harmful, microscopic organisms and bacteria that grow in an unregulated environment. The Correctional Institution Inspection Committee of Ohio reported a 96.2% increase in spending for prison healthcare from 2001 to 2010. This increase brought their spending from $115 million to over $225 million. On average, this is $4,780 per inmate per year. High humidity levels can cause lethargy, dilated blood vessels, heat stroke, asthma attacks, arthritis flare ups, and hypothermia.

The SmartFog® systems provide prisons with the opportunity to effectively control prison humidity levels. Our system is low maintenance, easy to install, and energy efficient. It also allows prisons to create an environment that will house healthier inmates, and it will lower prison healthcare costs annually by eliminating care that is humidity related.



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