Printing Press Humidification Health

When the printing press was first invented, no one considered the health problems that could arise from continued exposure to the ink and paper particles.  Fast-forward a few hundred years, and commercial printing is now a booming business with multiple companies continually innovating and developing faster and more reliable ways to churn out print advertisements, books, and other two-dimensional media.  This increased demand necessitated changes in the way printing occurred, and in many cases, the materials used.  The health hazards increased, as chemicals and various finishing solutions became part of the printing process.

In order to maintain a healthy environment, many companies have turned to the use of printing humidification systems. These systems reduce the amount of particles in the air, maintain a comfortable working temperature, and can greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling a workspace.  Additionally, dust suppression, which is achieved through the non-wetting humidification system, improves the function of machinery and maintains the health of employees.  Though the printing press began simply, it has grown to be a vital part of our ability to communicate with each other.  By using a printing humidification system, this increased use will not come at the expense of the health of printing press employees.

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