Printing Companies Environmental Shift

For the last 20 years, many countries have made a push to make businesses and public facilities more environmentally friendly. For most communities, this has meant implementing recycling programs, reducing energy usage, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and generating less waste. Developers have also aided in this push towards a more “green” existence by building facilities that utilize materials which are known for their energy efficiency. Historically, printing companies have been quite wasteful. The paper needed to print books and other reading material, was often thrown out in large quantities, and the printing chemicals were dumped without regard to the surrounding area.

All of that has changed. Many printing companies have made a concerted shift towards more environmentally sound practices. From recycling used paper, to buying recycled paper, to using energy-friendly equipment and light bulbs, printing companies have made an appreciable effort. They have also improved conditions for their staff by adding printing humidification systems. Non-wetting commercial humidification allows a company to regulate air quality and temperature, and suppresses any printing chemical that might enter the working environment. The end result is more environmentally friendly printing, from a more worker-friendly facility.

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