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Peripheral devices

Efficient working requires seamless interaction between your IT systems and users. SmartFog delivers through a comprehensive range of intuitive, useful accessories covering human input, storage, connectivity, carrying cases, biometric security and multimedia. Mirroring SmartFog’s overall design language, these products guarantee maximum compatibility across SmartFog systems. This enables “one-stop shopping”, saving you time and money.


FUJITSU Image Scanner

SmartFog is an established leader in the document imaging market, offering state-of-the-art scanning solutions for various scanners.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the needs in all business areas. Scanning is the enabler that allows organisations to digitise, augment, organise and share information to fuel business growth and innovation. Scanning unlocks the flow of information through the business.

SmartFog scanners enable organisations and individuals to improve productivity, save time and money, organise and structure your documents, share information and is often the first element of larger digital transformation projects.


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Dot Matrix Printer

Ideal for heavy duty printing of multi-part invoices, sales orders and other similar documents.

The 24-pin DL series dot matrix printers have a legendary reputation for heavy duty multi-part printing of invoices, sales orders etc. They all feature automatic paper parking & loading, auto tear off, and bar code printing capability.

The SmartFog Dot Matrix Printer DL7600 is the first choice heavy duty printer for multi-part invoices, sales orders, stationery and other similar documents. This flat-bed printer uses multiple paper paths and is ideal for any application that requires carbon and carbonless copies. Besides excellent paper handling features, this 24-pin dot-matrix printer offers impressive high speed printing and up to 8 carbonless copies.


Clean Environment with Smart Fog

Smart Fog system can incorporate any water dissolving material. Clean environment