Our Smart Fog Humidifiers Have Features Our Customers Need

Smart Fog humidifiers have been made in our manufacturing facilities for over 30 years. We produce top quality, made in the USA humidification systems for over 60 different industries and a variety of applications.

Smart fog systems for industrial humidification and commercial humidifier applications

Our Smart Fog dedicated engineers and humidification experts have been meeting our customers’ needs for over 30 years. We find solutions to your humidification needs and manufacture our high quality products in the United States. Some of the benefits of our systems are our smallest droplet size in the industry that leaves no wetting and the low maintenance of our products.

Smart fog humidifiers offer many features

Our customers appreciate the fact that our humidifiers require low energy consumption. We make our orifice jumbo size so that you never need to worry about clogging, and our system is simple plug and play installation.

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