Our Cool Mist Humidifiers Work No Wetting

If you need temperature control and humidification, our cool mist humidifiers may be the solution that you are looking for.

We make cool mist humidifiers for greenhouse use

We know that plants are extremely sensitive to the temperature and humidity level of the area where they are grown, so we have developed cool mist humidifiers for this purpose. Our cool mist systems provide water for the plants that is best absorbed from the air through the leaves. Smart Fog humidification systems do not leave puddles of standing water anywhere in your greenhouse. Our systems can keep the temperature down to the range where your plants will thrive. Like our other Smart Fog systems, our humidifiers are made in the USA and require very little maintenance once every two years. Our advanced technology allows you to set the humidity level and you can be assured that your Smart Fog system will maintain that level.

Our cool mist humidifiers are used in many different industries

Clean rooms, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and other manufacturing facilities need to have precise temperature and humidity levels. Our humidifiers are able to do this while emitting cool mist that stays in the air and does not pool on the ground.


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