Our Cool Mist Humidifiers Offer Many Advantages

Cool mist humidifiers like our Smart Fog MS 100 Humidifier are used in large greenhouse and nursery operations that are over 10,000 square feet. This system offers from 1 percent to 100 percent humidity in any condition.

Cool mist humidifiers with evaporative cooling and cold fog

The MS 100 Humidifier is one of the cool mist humidifiers with Smart Fog Double Cooling technology. We guarantee that you will have no wet spots with our system that is safe to use because of the low operating pressure that is required. It is a modular system that fits to any application and size. You will be able to conserve water and energy and also benefit from complete dust suppression of any size particles. Our equipment is made with high quality workmanship and is made in the USA. We offer a customized installation manual for each application.

Cool mist humidifiers that are maintenance free

Our Smart Fog MS100 Humidifier is completely maintenance free except for replacing the filter elements every two years. It has no moving parts that can break down or need to be replaced. We provide all of the pipe and fittings needed to put the system together. Assembly is easy and safe with no human hazard.