New Parents Food Safety

For new parents, food safety is always a huge concern. Once a child begins to eat solid food, even more questions pop up. How long should certain foods be cooked? What is the optimal storage temperature? How should food be kept fresh? As food is often transported from various parts of the world to the local grocery store, it often passes through multiple locations, going from one truck, trailer, or storage facility, to another, and so on. All of these facilities must maintain optimal conditions in order for the food to remain fresh and edible.

For many companies, the best way to ensure that the optimal conditions are maintained, is to use a non-wetting humidification system. A commercial humidification system allows food distribution companies to control the environment around the foods they plan to deliver, without pumping too much moisture into the air. By not filling the air with water droplets, distributors can vastly decrease the development of rot and bacteria. Additionally, the controlled temperatures can increase the length of time that food will remain fresh. By storing the food properly, as it makes its way to your local grocery, there is far less chance for food to adversely affect consumers, and far less reason for new parents to worry.

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