Need of Humidity for Medical Marijuana Crop

Medical marijuana is rapidly becoming an important tool for helping to heal disease and reduce the effects of symptoms. For those folks who grow their plants, there is an endless quest for the best and healthiest crops. The need of humidity for medical marijuana is essential. One of the most important keys to success in growing medical marijuana is humidity. Everyone hears about humidity every day on the weather report, but in the context of growing great cannabis crops, it is something that you can and should control.

Why is Humidity Important?

Proper humidity has many benefits for your cannabis crops. All plants ‘drink’ water not only through the roots, but also through the leaves, the buds, and even the stalks and trunks.

Improved plant quality – Your plants can grow more uniformly. Proper humidity allows each leaf and bud to grow to its fullest potential.

Faster plant growth – Because the entire plant is able to drink water, like humidity, water suspended in the air, it can allow every part of the plant to grow more quickly and more easily.

Uniform temperature – Everyone who has ever been to someplace that is humid knows that humidity can make it feel uniformly hot. This same principle can help to keep your plants warm and prevent hot spots from lighting or heaters.

Eliminate crop blights – A blight, a plant disease, spreads most easily when plants are weakened, often from being too dry or too moist. Well-regulated humidity can make sure that this doesn’t happen to your plants.

Increased germination – Healthy plants have one goal in life: to make lots of little healthy plants. Using proper humidity, your plants will be healthier and therefore will germinate more robustly, giving you more seeds and an increasing crop.

Reducing overall plant stress – Consistent temperature and humidity can reduce the stress on the plants and allow them to grow to their fullest potential.

Choosing the Right Humidifier

In nature, the sun and the wind evaporate water. The water hangs in the air as humidity. In your grow room, it will be harder to control this type of evaporation. But with a humidifier you can simulate it. One of the keys is to choose a humidifier that creates a mist that is small enough to stay in the air. The state-of-the-art is 4.2 microns. This gives you a natural humidity that is excellent for plants. You also need a machine that controls humidity accurately. Using electronics, we can do this will astounding accuracy. Another thing to watch for are nozzles that might clog.

The minerals in water can make a mess of things, but well-designed nozzles won’t clog. You also want a machine that uses low pressure. A high air pressure system can be dangerous if something goes wrong. So, humidity for medical marijuana growing is required and should control to ensure healthier plant.

Using Humidity

Use humidity to keep your plants healthier and stronger. It will increase your yield and improve your plants’ overall healthy. Of course, the same applies for any cash crop, like indoor tomatoes or herbs.

If you want to know more about the effect of humidity in growing marijuana corp, you can contact us at SmartFog.

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