Imagine a mist that is made up of water droplets as small as 4.2 microns. When you use the equipment produced by Smart Fog to provide the humidity control you need for your business, you will get consistent distribution of this fine mist so that you have even moisture and no wetting of exposed surfaces. DryFog is based on the fractal frequency technology that was developed twenty-seven years ago using precision engineering in combination with compressed air and water in order to reverse the correlation effect. The result was the 4.2 micron water droplet size that can be consistently produced as a fine mist that gives you the freedom to control humidity without wetting exposed surfaces.The humidity solutions at Smart Fog are all based on the DryFog technology that delivers humidity in a mist and you will find solutions that are tailored to your specific needs depending on the type and size of your facility. Smart Fog has customers that provide food service and agriculture facilities such as cold storage, warehouses, wineries, ripening rooms, and food processing companies. They also provide HVAC systems, humidity control for textile industries, explosive storage, dust suppression, and waste disposal. There are many other types of applications for food service and Agriculture as well as commercial and industrial facilities where humidity control is needed and Smart Fog has equipment that will provide the humidity you need in a mist that will guarantee even distribution in any size of facility.Smart Fog has been producing humidity control equipment for nearly thirty years and their DryFog technology which delivers a fine mist of humidity has proven to be the best in the industry. Their customers trust them to lower costs, protect their products, and provide precise and even humidity control no matter what their operations are. They have worked hard to earn their reputation for superb performance and reliability and they provide equipment which works well in facilities of any size to deliver consistent results and solve humidity control problems for any application. Smart Fog produces American made products with a reputation for quality as well as for providing superior customer service. They work with their customers to find the right solutions for their humidity control problems so that they will keep coming back year after year as they diversify their business and their needs.

The bottom line is that Dry Fog can produce the finest mist of any humidifier system available. They are the best way to provide humidity control to wine-making, botanical cultivation, or any industry where precision of humidity is imperative. Smart Fog machines will give you a greater degree of climate control and use fewer resources at the same time. Call 1-800-921-5230 to see how Dry Fog can work for your business.

You will also find new state-of-the-art mist generators available at Smart Fog that can be paired with sensors placed at ground level to monitor and automatically adjust the moisture around seedlings. The mist generators consists of machines which require less input and less maintenance to save you time and money. Smart Fog makes every effort to evolve along with new technology to provide you with the best equipment for your changing needs.