Mist Generators Water Mister System

Humidity from Mist Generators

Mist generators can provide all of the water needed to keep vegetables fresh or provide sustenance for growing vegetation, and they can provide a humid atmosphere for a number of other purposes. Mist generators can be used to provide a light mist or a heavy mist depending on the need, but all mist generators tend to create freestanding water on whatever they are near. You need humidity, but you do not want the ill effects caused by freestanding water.

Freestanding water can be a haven for bacteria and mold, especially in dark areas most people do not see or think about. Using a mist generator may require frequently checking the areas around the generator to make sure water isn’t building up where it is not needed. It may be necessary to move products frequently and to closely monitor the water flow.

Humidity Without Traditional Mist Generators

DryFog.US created a system to provide all of the humidity needed in multiple applications without mist generators. This proprietary system makes use of super compressed air and miniscule droplets of water to create ideal conditions of up to 98 percent humidity. Controls allow the user to dial in the perfect amount of humidity to be used in potato storage, greenhouses, museums, wine cellars and any other situation where controlled humidity is a must.

What makes the DryFog.US system unique is its ability to provide high levels of humidity without creating condensation in the controlled environment. No matter what the temperature is in the controlled room, high levels of humidity can be used without fear of creating freestanding water.