Meeting Industrial Best Humidifier Requirements

There is no single best humidity level in an industrial setting. That’s because the equipment and materials have to take top priority. Even so, the people working in the facility shouldn’t be forgotten. Only the best humidifier for industrial use can do a good job of keeping everything – and everyone – comfortable.

Meet the Requirements of Your Materials

It seems like some materials should have no humidity at all. Electronics, for example, are known for corroding if there’s too much moisture in the air. The same goes for certain metals. Other types of materials, like paper or even food, mold if they get too wet.

Despite these things, the fact is that it’s important to have some humidity in the air. When the air is too dry, it allows static electricity to build up. This can destroy sensitive electronic inventory and facility instruments. It also causes problems with non-electronic metals. Meanwhile, the dry paper becomes brittle, and dried-out food tastes stale before its time.

The solution is to use the best humidifier that can provide specific levels of moisture to the air. Every item has a humidity range that is best for it. A good industrial humidifier can be set to keep the air within this range.

Humidify the Office

Most industrial facilities have attached offices where people take phone calls, do accounting, and handle other administrative tasks. Since these areas are centered on humans instead of materials, it’s best for them to have separate environmental controls.

Two things need to deal with in human-centric areas: Static electricity and health. Static builds up in carpets and other fabrics when the air is too dry. This makes touching anything very uncomfortable. Raising the moisture level does a lot to control this problem.

When it comes to health, the goal is to prevent throat and lung irritation. Such irritation makes it easier to catch colds and similar germs. It also causes coughing. Finally, the eyes get irritated by dry air. Increasing humidity helps with all of these. It improves instant comfort and decreases sick days. It also improves productivity.

What Qualities Are Important for Humidifiers?

Droplet Size

One of the most important qualities to look for is the ability to produce tiny droplets. These droplets evaporate into the air instead of landing on surfaces. It leaves the air comfortably moist without causing a mold-producing moisture layer.

Small water droplets do more than prevent mold. Some germs will oxidize and die on contact with this type of moisture. Fine dust will adhere to it as well and will remove from the air.


Since every industrial environment is different, it’s important to be able to set the desired humidity level. Our machines allow a wide range of settings so that you can choose the perfect level of your facility. Either you need heavy saturation for a greenhouse or just enough to stop static, you’re set with a Smart Fog humidifier.


You don’t have to spend too much time maintaining a Smart Fog humidifier. Our machines can run for two years without any special attention. When the time does come, maintenance is quick and easy.

Stainless steel nozzles are some of the keys to our machines’ strength. These nozzles resist grime and clogging. They’re also easy to clean.


With any machine, higher efficiency is better. The Smart Fog humidifier is up to 90% more efficient than its competitors.

How to get Best Humidifier?

These are just some of the reasons you should use a Smart Fog humidifier in your industrial location. Contact us to learn about even more. We’ll also recommend the best model for your facility, so you get excellent results.

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