Manufacturing DS100 Humidifiers Reno, Nevada

Smart Fog® DS100 Humidifier

Dust Suppression

Specifically designed for dust suppression applications in tough outdoor environments, the Smart Fog® DS100 Humidifiers are built to protect your workers and equipment from the harmful effects of exposure to particle-laden air. Our dry fog method of dust suppression produces a uniform 4.2 micron droplet size that is ideal for trapping all sizes and types of particles and removing them from the air, ensuring that your facility meets OSHA regulations for worker safety, EPA regulations for environmental safety, and that your equipment is not subject to damage.

Our DS100 systems are built with all the components necessary for a complete dust suppression solution that meets the needs of your specific application. All components, including nozzles, pressure boxes, controllers and water filter systems are constructed with materials that withstand the rigors of an outdoor environment to provide you with a long-lasting dust suppression solution.

DS100 Specifications

Capacity: Coverage Capacity: 20,000 cf
Output Capacity: 1.5 gph, 3 lb/h (6 L/h)
Electrical Requirements: Primary Voltage: N/A
Power Demand: N/A

Compressed Air Requirement:

Rated Input: 2.5 cfm @ 100 psi
Min: 100 psi
Max: 130 psi

Water Requirement:Min Water Pressure: 10 psi (1 bar)
Max Water Pressure: 80 psi (6 bar)

Control Tolerance:1 +/- %
Operating Parameters:Min Temp: 45 F° / 7 C°
Max Temp: 210 F° / 99 C°
General Technology:

Nozzle (compressed air & water)
SmartFog® De-correlation
SmartFog® Airnet

Water Tolerance:

Deionized / Demineralized
Raw / Tap