Low-Maintenance Fog System

In an industrial process where humidifier equipment needs to be in constant operation, it makes sense to opt for a low-maintenance machine which will require minimal down-time for maintenance procedures. It is possible to obtain a machine which has maintenance intervals of more than a year, so that you have reliable humidification when you need it. A humidifier system which is reliable can lend greater efficiency in keeping the climate of an enclosed space under control.

Smart Fog ES100 Series Humidifiers offers the industry lowest maintenance requirements:

Maintenance requirements: Every 2 years
Maintenance required: Change of air and water filter elements
Maintenance cost: very low

A Good Fog System is an Investment

While your current humidifier system may be adequate in its performance, an older system may entail higher running costs than newer equipment which is more efficient in its power consumption. You can obtain a machine which uses approximately half as much water and electricity as an older equivalent, and this can be seen as an investment as once the equipment has been paid off it will continue to save you money.

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