Little Known Benefits of a Humidification System

Does your office building have a humidification system? Many people consider a humidification system to be a luxury item. As a result, when designing a new office building or refurbishing an older office space, most businesses cut a humidification system off their to-do list. It is well known that some places, such as museums, need humidification systems. These establishments need their humidity levels to remain at an optimal level to safeguard important artifacts. However, if you are not operating a museum, you might miss the point of why a humidification system would benefit your business. What is the point? Overall employee health is one of the major reasons to install a humidification system in your building. Additionally, your building itself could benefit from one.

Employee Health

Why is a humidification system so important for your employees’ health? When the indoor humidity levels drop below 50%, your employees are more susceptible to illness. Not only are they more likely to develop a respiratory infection, but they are also more likely to be prone to developing an illness from a bacteria or other virus. How much productivity is lost due to employee illness? Is it worth it to cut a few dollars out of your office design budget to hope no one gets ill? It is time to consider a humidification system a must for your future productivity and profit.

Overall Health Benefits

A commercial humidification system can prevent colds, sore throats, and other respiratory or viral illnesses. Moreover, your employees can benefit from a reduction of dry skin and frizzy hair. Humidity is also beneficial for helping people overcome illnesses once they are sick. Consequently, your employees can heal faster and fight off nasty infections.

Reduce Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Do any of your employees suffer from allergies or asthma? If they do, installing a commercial humidification system will make breathing easier. Obviously, those with asthma and allergies will appreciate the added moisture in the air. Imagine how much more work could be accomplished if these individuals were not struggling to get an adequate breath.

Protect Your Office Building

Not only can you improve the health of your employees, but you can also have a positive impact on your building. While you might not have ancient artifacts that you hope to preserve, the added moisture from humidity can benefit your building structure. Some items that can benefit from humidity include wood, plaster, paint, furniture, and your computer equipment and other electronic items.

In Conclusion

Cutting out a humidification system in the design process might seem like a great way to save a few dollars. Unfortunately, you will be harming your employees’ overall health. When employees get sick, their productivity goes down, and you lose money. If you are considering placing a humidification system in your office building, contact SmartFog for a professional consultation. We are an industry expert. Call 800-921-5230.

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