Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Reducing Product and Time Waste

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a delicate and demanding process that requires strict environmental control. If the temperature and humidity is off, at any time during manufacturing and storage, products lose their quality and expire faster. To stabilize optimal conditions throughout the production process, humidity must prevent the following from taking place.

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The Humidification Challenge

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Standard Humidifiers and Condition Control

Maintaining the right environments for pharmaceutical manufacturing is not as simple as setting the desired moisture levels and leaving. Humidifiers might be programmed for the right humidification levels for their respective rooms, but full-room converge can be spotty.

Traditional HVAC systems often fall short in providing optimal conditions due to extended operating periods and high energy consumption and service requirements.

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Consequences of Insufficient Humidity

In turn, insufficient humidity creates ripe conditions for fluctuation disasters – whether its electrostatic discharge (ESD) events messing with packing and packaging or damaging components, or insufficient humidity drying out pill coatings and inks too quickly and destabilizing temperatures.

On the other hand, high humidification can create excess moisture that damages materials and hinders batch replication.

The Self-Evaporative Solution

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Never Too Wet or Too Dry

To keep productions productive, pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms, and more need to contain precise, non-fluctuating humidity. Achieving this kind of humidification consistently means moisture must permeate the room and self-evaporate completely.

Fortunately, this is exactly what self-evaporative humidification does to prevent ESD from building and components from drying while simultaneously preventing fluctuations.

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Moisture and Temperature Control

And the same droplets that create non-fluctuating and uniform coverage also help stabilize temperatures. Controlling temperatures and moisture is a costly tug of war for facilities.

With a self evaporative system, the natural decorrelation process also allows for a double cooling capability where both air and water are efficiently cooled, if desired, no matter the outside temperature. Instead of unleashing a cascade of issues for the pharmaceutical industry, self-evaporation unlocks higher quality.