Industries Turn Smart Fog Top Industrial Humidifier

We have been producing humidification systems for industries that depend on controlled humidity for over 30 years. Our Smart Fog industrial humidifier can benefit your business in many ways.

Our industrial humidifier has benefits that keep your industry running

Some industries choose our industrial humidifier because of the efficiency of our small droplet system. With the smallest droplets in the industry that are only 4.2 microns, our humidifiers are able to perform tasks like pushing dust to the ground that other systems cannot begin to do as efficiently. Our humidifiers also have a jumbo never clogging orifice to save you from down time and additional maintenance. In fact, our system requires so little maintenance that it only needs servicing once every two years.

An industrial humidifier with a warranty

We offer a full one year warranty on all of our systems, and an extended warranty is also available. Since our systems are manufactured with the highest standards in the USA, our customers have little to no problems with our humidifiers. Each system is fully calibrated from the factory, so no regulation is required on-site. You can simply plug in your humidifier and begin seeing results.

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