Industrial Humidity Control

The need for Industrial Humidity Control Systems

One of the greatest expenses many companies face is keeping their warehouses at the proper temperatures and humidity levels. Air conditioning in hot summer months can help keep products at the proper temperatures, but it is very costly to run. Also, air conditioning units have a tendency to decrease humidity levels in the warehouse, which can in turn decrease the shelf life of many food products and other storage items. Industrial Humidity Control systems are the best option to maintain humidity levels.

Some companies are turning to industrial humidity control as a more affordable alternative, dropping the ambient temperature by increasing the humidity in the room and installing cooling tubes. An example of the power of using humidity to provide a cooling experience can be seen at theme parks which use misting systems to keep patrons cool as they stand in long lines. The downside of some misting humidification systems is that the excess of water produced can be dangerous in certain work environments. Also, too much water can harm equipment and destroy the product on the shelves.

Better Humidity Control

Smart Fog Inc has spent years researching and developing new and improved ways to provide industrial humidity control for a variety of applications. Cooling down the temperature in a warehouse can be done with a special dry fog control system that can increase the humidity in a room by as much as 98 percent (as compared to the 70 percent provided by other companies) without creating condensation. Super compressed air delivers and circulates miniscule droplets of water small enough to stay suspended in the air instead of settling to the ground.

Smart Fog Inc industrial humidity control systems can monitor the temperature and humidity in a room automatically, making needed adjustments on the fly. The knowledgeable and friendly team at Smart Fog Inc answers all inquiries. You need humidity, and Smart Fog Inc has got it.