Industrial & Commercial Humidification Systems

Humidity without the Extra Water

Commercial humidification Systems dispel water into the air using several different methods to create the steam. Electric humidifiers send water to a boiling chamber where electric heat elements increase the temperature of the water to create steam. Electrode humidifiers use a large tank with the electrodes submerged in the tank to create the necessary steam.

Gas fired commercial humidification systems use the flames from a gas burner to heat the water and produce steam. Our Commercial humidifier can also use a wick system, where water absorbs into a filter (wick). It then releases into the air automatically depending on humidity levels in the room. Adiabatic humidifiers reintroduce unused water back into the humidifying processors for better efficiency, but they still use one of the methods shown to create the steam needed.

Resolving the water issues with Commercial Humidification Systems

The problem most commercial humidifiers create is the amount of water that settles onto stored items. It happens when the air becomes too saturated with moisture. Traditional industrial humidifiers may or may not have built-in sensors that keep track of the amount of moisture in the air, in order to make steam production adjustments on the fly. Companies must create the proper humidity levels for storage facilities. Without ruining products by physically with excessive humidity, finding a delicate balance with most industrial humidifiers is crucial.

Smart Fog has worked hard to develop a system able to provide all of the necessary humidity without the problem of water collecting on storage items. Unlike other commercial humidifiers, the DryFog. Our system uses supersonic compressed air. It creates micro-droplets to achieve up to 98 percent humidity without water settling on storage items. You need humidity, but you need the right kind of humidity. Dry Fog is ready to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to learn more about commercial humidifier system, please contact us. Our experienced and professional technician who will suggest you the best industrial humidifier as per your need.