Improving Air Quality New Apartment

You just moved into the perfect apartment. Multiple windows allow sun to shine into almost every room. The kitchen is equipped with the latest gadgets and appliances. Your bathroom has a whirlpool tub and a skylight. Hardwood floors abound. High ceilings create an even greater sense of space, and sections of exposed brick give the apartment a touch of character. It is the perfect apartment… except for the fact that it is a few feet from a busy road. You quickly get used to the noise, but the air quality is another matter.

Constantly inhaling dust and windblown debris from a busy road can affect your sleep habits and your respiratory health overall. As your respiratory system becomes clogged over time, you may develop a sore throat, cough, or sneeze repeatedly while in your home. It can make your perfect apartment far less perfect. However, installing an effective humidification system can greatly reduce the amount of dust you inhale. A non-wetting humidification system can aid in dust suppression by removing the dust particles from the air before you pull them into your body. With a properly applied system, your perfect apartment can again be everything you hoped it would be.

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