Importance of Controlling Humidity Levels in Commercial Gyms

Controlling the temperature and humidity levels in any commercial location is important, yet at commercial gyms it becomes even more critical. Commercial gyms are located all across the country in cold and warm weather geographical environments and people work out in light clothing either way. Let’s discuss these and other factors, in order to show the importance of controlling humidity levels in commercial gyms.

Key factors Involved for Commercial Gyms

Gyms are usually large open spaces with equipment that locates in different sections. They also include locker and shower rooms in different rooms. Large open spaces are harder to regulate when it comes to temperature and humidity, especially with shower and pool rooms that connected so closely.

The members of commercial gyms are all different ages, sizes, and types, which means each has their ideas about what level the temperature and humidity levels should be. They’re also working out, which means their temperature levels go up and down, according to the strenuousness of their workouts. Also, the heat and perspiration coming off their bodies add to the temperature and humidity levels in the gym.

The geographical region where the commercial gyms are located is a big factor as well. In a sweltering hot climate air conditioners will likely be on, which means condensation and excessive humidity could result. Some regions like the southwest are dry and warm whereas the southeast is wet and hot. So the temperature and humidity levels will depend on the location of the gym.

When people workout they’re wearing lighter clothing, so are more sensitive to the environment comfort wise. This also means the machines, mats, and other equipment shouldn’t be too cold or sticky to their bare skin.

Standards for Temperature and Humidity Levels

Although these are commercial gyms, they’re not like most commercial businesses. For this reason, the standards set by OSHA for commercial businesses need to adjust to a narrower margin. The OSHA standards are:

    • Temperature levels: 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Humidity levels: 20 to 60 percent

The International Fitness Association has different recommendations specific to commercial gyms:

“For an aerobics class, a room temperature of no higher than 68 degrees and 50% humidity is recommended. The aerobics, cardio, weight training and Pilates areas should be at around 65 to 68 degrees. Pool areas should be in the 70 to 80 range. Humidity levels for all areas should be around 40% to 60%.”

Dangers of Excessive Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity work together. If not regulated properly, it can cause dehydration, heat stroke, muscle cramps, sickness, and discomfort. Commercial gyms need to have excellent HVAC units in place to control the temperature, yet excessive humidity levels will still cause these problems.

The dangers of airborne pathogens are also a serious issue in commercial gyms, where so many people come to workout every day. The members use the same equipment and locker rooms, which means there’s a greater chance of them getting sick. At the very least, when humidity levels are too low or high, they are uncomfortable which can cause of irritated skin, respiratory problems, dry hands, etc. For this reason, Controlling Humidity Levels is very crucial for commercial gyms.

Solution for Controlling Humidity Levels

In addition to the HVAC unit, commercial gyms also need a commercial humidifier to regulate and control humidity levels that sanitize the air. The humidification system would ideally be inconspicuous. Either placed in-duct or wall mounted, it’s a great choice of energy-efficient, low maintenance, and safe to use.

Smart Fog’s commercial humidification systems have all of these attributes and a mobile humidifier option for smaller gyms.

Smart Fog® De-Correlation technology produces 4.2 micron sized droplets (the smallest in industry). It includes a mechanical, non-chemical process and attract and oxidize air-borne pathogens and evaporate before hitting any surfaces.

When it comes to the proper temperature and humidity needs of commercial gyms; Smart Fog’s commercial humidification systems are the perfect addition to a quality HVAC unit. The low-maintenance, energy-efficient, low pressure, easy to install, and sanitizing effect. These are essential controlling humidity levels at commercial gyms. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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