Humidity Greenhouse Control

In 2001 (eleven years ago), my loving partner gave me the best gift a gardener can ever hope to receive- a greenhouse!!!  This wasn’t just any old greenhouse, but one that dreams are made of: 30’x36’, custom-cut glass panels, galvanized steel frame… the works.  For the first ten years, I greatly enjoyed the bounty of beautiful flowers and produce my greenhouse garden supplied for me and my family.  On occasion, though, the greenhouse (and I) fell short of my great expectations, like the first year when we had a massive drought season in New England and all my tropical plants dried up- so, so sad.  I cried so many tears that you would have thought it was monsoon season as opposed to drought season.

This year, my partner again surprised me with another wonderful gift: a  Greenhouse Humidifier .  I have been talking about investing in one for the past couple years, but considered it a frivolous expense…  I was wrong.  My greenhouse was very productive before, but with proper  humidification, it seems as though the sky (or at least the ceiling) is the limit.

Plants grown and stored in a greenhouse need special care; specifically, they need to be kept at a constant temperature and humidity.  My  Greenhouse Humidifier  maintains the strict range of conditions that are optimal for my plants’ growth and wellbeing by controlling the amount of moisture in the air: too much moisture can result in mold and milder growth while too little can result in a big, dried up mess (which is what I experienced my first year as a greenhouser).  My  Greenhouse Humidifier  relieves me of my humidity concerns as it provides for my lovely plants an optimal growing environment.

My advice to you: If you want to optimize your greenhouse’s potential and make your greenhouse even awesomer, get a  Greenhouse Humidifier .

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