Humidity Control With the Smart Fog Conveyor System

Humidity control in your industry is very important and brings many benefits to the success of your business. Our Smart Fog conveyor system provides wet-free humidity, which means that you will not have pooling of water on the floor or wet spots on boxes or other items in the area.

Humidity control is an integral part of food safety

Humidity control affects the foods that we eat, and it also affects the foods we produce. Our Smart Fog Conveyor System provides a non-wetting fogging chamber. These systems are often installed to fit over a conveyor system that is already in place. It can also be an addition component in some cases. The produce is totally covered by a dense fog as it enters the conveyor. Since an organic disinfectant is placed in the system, produce passing through it has all viruses, bacteria, mold, and other organisms eliminated. All diseases are removed, making the produce healthy and edible.

Humidity control in Smart Fog Produce Retail Display Case System

The ultimate solution for extending the shelf life of produce without wetting it is the Smart Fog Produce Retail Display Case System. Our system allows any water dissolving materials to be used, thereby controlling humidity.

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