Humidity Control Equipment Cooling Humidification

There are many industries where cooling and humidification play important roles in ensuring successful operations. Humidity control equipment which lowers temperatures is necessary in wine cellars, as wines mature best when stored slightly below room temperature. Additional moisture in the air also helps to prevent corks from drying out, as this can lead to sealing problems. Other applications where the cooling effect is useful include food storage, where humidifiers provide an element of refrigeration which supplements standalone fridge systems.

Humidity Control Equipment and Dust Suppression

In addition to providing humidification that is directly beneficial for many processes, state-of-the-art humidity control equipment also provides effective dust suppression. Due to adhesion, water particles attract dust so that it settles and does not swirl through the atmosphere. This is especially important in environs where sensitive machinery is used, as dust can easily clog equipment, causing it to malfunction. Find a cost-cutting system which is economical and easy to install through

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