Humidity Control Cold Storage

Many food products must be kept in cold storage where they can be maintained for a long period of time. With humidity control, the food products stay fresh and last longer. At Smart Fog, we make humidification systems for pre-cooling, ripening rooms, and conveyors as well.

Humidity control for cold storage helps produce stay in optimum condition

Smart Fog’s humidity control for cold storage also helps produce stay disease free. Shelf life is maximized and quality is higher when products are shipped to stores. Smart Fog’s patented enforcement technologies reverse the correlation effect, resulting in tiny droplets of water that are only 4.2 microns in size. The droplets are evenly distributed into the air. It is possible to have up to 99 percent humidity without wetting with our humidification systems. Insects can be eliminated on produce, as well as mold and dust. Our systems offer safety with their low operation pressure. The humidity produced by our equipment penetrates into packed produce.

Humidity control keeps water inside produce

With high humidity levels, the air is not able to hold any additional water vapor. This means that the natural water in the produce stays there rather than evaporating into the air. There is no shriveling of produce as it stays firm in humid conditions.