Humidifiers For Print Shop to Intact Paper Quality

Need proof that your printing company requires quality humidity control? Considering that the most valuable documents in the world are stored in a humidity controlled archives. Museums and libraries take very seriously the long-term storage of paper products. For this reason, they protect their most prized exhibits with the best technology available in controlling humidity. SmartFog manufactures humidifiers for print shop to intact paper quality.

Good stewardship of government documents and historical records means preserving entire collections of paper-based products. The British Library of the United Kingdom provides an authoritative booklet on the best standards of preservation. Concerning humidity, the booklet explains that this environmental condition has a significant impact on the quality and longevity of paper. A humidity control system is not only an investment in their archived assets but also an investment into future generations to have access to history. Printing house humidifiers are no less important.

Decay & Humidity

Improper humidity levels create conditions for decay as the cellulose in the paper undergoes damage and begin to break down. Also, if humidity levels and temperature are too high, decay occurs more rapidly. The paper is an absorbent material yet its porous nature also means that it releases moisture as it decays. The natural act of aging elevates humidity levels in a closed environment. As paper deteriorates the effects of decay become visible:

  • Flaking ink
  • Warping
  • Emulsion cracks of photographs
  • Curling edges

Temperature and humidity are directly related. These environmental conditions must be monitored in tandem. Just as a museum or library is storing thousands of precious documents, a printing company stores a supply of assorted papers for their use. Other organic supplies, such as leather or parchment, can store intact the original quality. Bookbinding products are probably present. Moreover, fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels will cause these organic products to expand and contract. To prevent deformation through a constant process of expansion and contraction, companies must exercise strict control of temperature and humidity. A humidity control system will protect supply inventories.

Create A Good Environment

The advice from the experts at the British Library is a very simple formula:

  • Purchase and install environmental control equipment.
  • Establish parameters for environmental conditions according to the humidity level needs of the materials.
  • Review results.
  • Monitor to maintain standards that produce positive results.

More Than Paper

Museums and libraries have in common with printing companies the need to protect organic materials that are in storage. However, printers have one particular concern museums and libraries don’t, a printing press. If humidity levels are too low a press will create static. Although static may straighten a person’s hair, making it stand on end, that doesn’t happen with paper. Static makes the paper curl. Curled paper in the press is a disaster.

Job quality is also affected when humidity levels drop too low. Ink print quality will appear faded or washed out. Furthermore, colors may exhibit a halo effect by not lining up properly. To keep customers happy with the consistent professional quality, proper humidity in the print shop is a must.

The HVAC Dilemma

A print shop is a hive of activity, human and mechanical. Things can get hot in a hurry during the summer. When printing companies crank up the air conditioning to cool things off, they are also going to create some serious changes to humidity levels. A print shop manager does not want to be adjusting temperature and humidity controls as often as the weather changes. Avoid this by opting for an automated humidity control system designed to meet the needs of printing companies specifically.

For more information from the trusted leaders in humidification systems, please contact us. With more than 30 years of proven service, our skilled professionals can assist you to get the right humidifiers for print shop for quality environmental control.

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