Humidification Systems

In recent years, people have run into a large number of problems with mold. Especially in areas in the USA where humidity levels are high. That’s why Smart Fog has developed All-Natural Humidification Systems. In Texas, hundreds of homes and businesses have been leveled because of the dangerous black mold. Dark and damp areas are a natural breeding ground for all types of mold. This poses a serious problem for companies needing high levels of humidity to keep their products in the best condition possible.

Once humidity gets above 55 percent, problems with mold and the reproduction of dust mites increases drastically. Moreover, the humidity causes items and areas of a room to become damp. To combat the mold problems, many companies turn to chemical solutions. However, chemical solutions bring a whole new layer of potential pitfalls into the equation. Fortunately, a safe and all-natural solution is available to keep mold and dust mites at bay.

All-Natural Humidification Systems

You need humidity. Smart Fog Inc has developed humidification systems with the ability to provide all of the humidity any company could need without causing the mold and dust mite population to increase. Through the creation of extremely small droplets of water (less than 6 microns in size), humidification systems by Smart Fog Inc put water into the air that stays suspended in the air. You can have over 95 percent humidity in a room and yet not see any water condensation.

With a lack of resting water, the breeding ground of mold simply does not exist. If mold does not have a home, you do not have a problem, and you won’t need harmful chemicals to combat a problem that no longer exists. Get more information on the Smart Fog Inc humidification systems by contacting us.