Humidification Systems Help Maintain Comfortable Workplace

Humidification optimizes the water vapor content, or humidity in the air. By controlling the humidity levels, it decreases the risk of fire and static electricity and keeps environments feeling comfortable. While humidification systems have been used in homes for years, commercial & industrial humidifiers are gaining substantial popularity to ensure facilities are comfortable for employees and safe for products.

Commercial Humidification

Improper relative humidity (RH) levels can cause a range of health problems including bronchitis, wheezing and sore throat.  Sick employees can be unproductive employees which is why it is important to maintain appropriate RH levels.

Industrial Humidification

Industrial facilities are often plagued with dust and other allergens that can wreak havoc on employees’ respiratory systems. Humidification systems can remove allergens and dust particles from the air, creating a cleaner, healthier work environment.

Property Damage

In addition to improving air quality and maintaining proper RH levels, humidification systems can also prevent damage often caused by too much or too little moisture in the air. For example, wine cellars require accurate humidity control.

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