Humidification Systems are Different than other Systems

Our Smart Fog humidification systems have some unique features that are not found in other systems. The most important part of our system is the small droplet size of the water. It is the smallest in the industry. This is important because smaller droplets stay in the air longer and evaporate more efficiently.

Reasons why our humidification systems are unique

The very small droplets in our humidification systems have a 100% evaporation rate and 100% water efficiency. Because of this, no surfaces are moistened by the systems. Also, our technology is energy efficient and uses up to 70% less energy to operate. Our systems also have a double cooling effect. The nozzles in our system generate a strong vacuum that cools the air and water and maintains an output that is always 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The cost of cooling a facility is lower because the indoor temperature is kept cooler.

Other benefits of smart fog humidification systems

Our systems have many additional benefits such as having no moving parts and the fact that an extended warranty is available. Our humidifiers also eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and virus particles in the air. These systems have many other benefits as well.

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