How Does Humidity Controlled Storage Work

The food industry is a place where it is vital to keep things at certain humidity levels. Precise humidity control is necessary. It keeps produce fresh and clean. At SmartFog, we make humidifiers that create humidity controlled storage for refrigerated produce. Read on to learn about how our cold storage system works.

Humidity Controlled Storage Needs Disinfectant

Produce should be kept clean while in storage. The SmartFog ES100 System produces a dense fog. The fog contains an organic disinfectant. The disinfectant eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold. The ES100 keeps food clean and safe. The fog can penetrate boxes. Produce in boxes will still be kept clean. The system uses micron droplets. Even though the air is very humid, no surfaces become wet.

Maintains a Precise Level of Humidity

The ES100 is an automated system. It only operates when humans are not present. It also keeps the cold storage room at a precise humidity level. Varying humidity levels can be hard on produce. Produce needs exact, consistent humidity.

Perfect for Cold Storage

The ES100 is the perfect solution for a cold storage system. First, it is easy to install. It is a wall mount system. The ES100 is durable and typically maintenance-free. The ES100 can work in temperatures as low as 30 degrees so it is perfect for the cold storage environment. The system also allows for a zero-reentry time, which is very helpful in busy storage facilities. In addition, the system is non-wetting. This is extremely important. The ES100 creates a fog that can penetrate boxes without leaving any moisture on the surface of the box.

Produce often needs to be stored after it comes off the conveyor belt and before it goes onto the trucks for transport. In addition, produce is stored before it hits the grocery store shelves. During these times, it is crucial that humidity levels are controlled. This will help keep produce fresh and ripening at a proper rate. At SmartFog we have made the ES100 humidifier for humidity controlled storage. This humidifier creates a disinfected environment. In addition, the humidifier produces micron droplets so that surfaces never become wet. For more information about the ES100 and how it is beneficial to cold storage environments, contact SmartFog today.

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