How an Industrial Humidifier Helps Control Static Electricity in Your Workplace

Low humidity in any work environment can cause more problems than you maybe ever noticed. One of those problems that can create more serious issues than you know is static electricity.

As a kid, you probably grew up looking at static electricity as harmless. No doubt you remember scuffling your feet on a carpet and giving a slight electric shock to your siblings when touching them.

While this was innocent fun, it can turn more serious when static electricity occurs in an industrial facility. If you’re starting to notice some signs of this in your company, you’re probably dealing with overly low humidity.

Relative humidity in all workplaces should hover around 60% in places possibly using paper and fibers.

An industrial humidifier controls humidity for you, and it’s important to know how important it is to remove static electricity problems. It can cause severe harm to not only employees, but also equipment.

At Smart Fog, we have innovations available in our humidifying products to eliminate this problem forever.

Static Electricity Causing Fires or Explosions

When static electricity starts to affect your industrial equipment, it could cause a sudden explosion or fire that may lead to severe injury. These fires and explosions aren’t always small either, and could even lead to death if not properly controlled.

A worker getting burned could lead to major legal problems on your end. It also means a loss of valuable workers and continuing turnover.

Then consider what a static explosion could do to the expensive equipment you own. Having to invest in new equipment may not fit into your budget. Plus, if you don’t control static electricity immediately, the same events could happen all over again.

Electronic Equipment Damage

Even ordinary office equipment like your computers and other peripherals could become damaged from excess static electricity. Your employees may start noticing themselves getting static shocks when touching the tools they use every day.

After a while, it could get to a point where it blows out the circuitry in sensitive electronic components. In a place like a laboratory, it could mean getting false readings. Just this alone may lead to major errors and a ruined reputation.

Electric Shocks on Humans

While potential explosions and fires above could cause injury, a simple electric shock could startle an employee doing exacting physical work. As a result, it could lead to someone falling and getting injured.

This gives a different view of static electricity from what you remember. We tend to forget that when you’re doing work in an industrial facility, a static shock differs from when you’re just relaxing at home.

Taking Control of Static Electricity With a Humidifier

Our humidifiers at Smart Fog tackle the most common problems associated with dry air, especially during the winter. We control other problems like dust, dry skin, irritated eyes, in addition to static electricity.

What probably stops you from investing in humidifiers is the cost, especially in possible maintenance.

With our products, you get no moving parts and get superior energy efficiency, which automatically saves you money. Then you have our innovative technologies like smaller water droplets. This technology guarantees better humidity control so you don’t get fluctuations.

Not maintaining RH to 60%-70% level only brings sudden air quality changes and static electricity events within minutes. Using our automated system, you’re guaranteed to keep RH consistently balanced without having to monitor the humidifier constantly.

Using custom installations, space isn’t a problem either. Even in-duct installations are available so you can control air problems through your existing HVAC system.

Contact us to learn more about our humidifiers with patented innovations you won’t find anywhere else.

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