How a Commercial Humidifier Improves Employee Health

Are your employees taking sick days more often? You may be surprised to know that the air quality at your workplace can have a direct impact on employee health. You can improve the air quality and boost employee health with a commercial humidifier.

Prevent Sickness

Sickness in the workplace causes several problems. Notably, it can lead to a decrease in productivity. When sickness sweeps through your workplace, your available workforce is dramatically reduced. This can lead to a loss in revenue. If it happens often enough, it can have a truly negative impact on your bottom line.

You can clean door handles, keyboards, and phones with regularity. You may disinfect floors and bathrooms on a daily or weekly basis. But if the air quality isn’t acceptable, diseases can still circulate through a workplace. Your cleaning measures won’t be enough to cure the problem.

By using a commercial humidifier, you can greatly improve the air quality and prevent sickness. A commercial humidifier works by keeping the air at the proper level of humidity. As an airborne disease enters the body through the nose, it can be stopped by mucus. If the air is too dry, a worker’s nose cannot ward off diseases. Dry air can lead to a higher risk of illness, but properly conditioned air will reduce the risk of diseases.

Removing Dust Particles

Dust particles float freely in dry air. These particles can cause coughing and sneezing in vulnerable individuals. When your employees cough or sneeze, they will spread any other diseases they are carrying in their respiratory systems.

A commercial humidifier helps remove dust particles from the air. The tiny water droplets capture dust in the air and filter it out. The improved air has less dust to irritate your employees’ respiratory systems, which can reduce the spread of airborne diseases.

Bacteria and Virus Control

A high-quality humidifier will also remove bacteria and viruses from the air. As with dust particles, the water droplets absorb any other contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria. When they are filtered through the humidifier system, they are oxidized and removed from the air that circulates in your workplace.

SmartFog Commercial Humidifiers

Only the best commercial humidifier produces the correct size of water droplets to capture all these particles that decrease air quality. Humidifiers of lower quality produce water droplets of inconsistent sizes. They are less efficient and less cost-effective to operate. SmartFog commercial humidifiers do the job right the first time.

To improve employee health, you need a commercial humidifier from SmartFog. Our humidifiers have no moving parts, so they require less maintenance. They produce the finest water droplets for controlling airborne diseases and dust. If you want a safe and healthy workplace, request a quote at 1-800-921-5230 or email us at

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