How a Commercial Humidifier Can Help in a Data Center

A data center is a physical building that stores computing and networking equipment. Did you know the world’s largest data center market is right here in the United States? It is located in northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC. This region is full of unassuming looking buildings that contain data centers for a variety of large companies including Amazon Web Services, AT&T, and more. Data centers must maintain proper humidity levels in order for the equipment to run efficiently and effectively. At Smart Fog, we have worked with many data centers to install a commercial humidifier in order to help machinery run as it should. Read on to learn how a commercial humidifier can help in a data center.

Precise, Controlled Humidity Levels 24/7/365

One benefit to investing in a Smart Fog system for your data warehouse is that it will maintain non-fluctuating humidity 24/7/365. You never have to worry about humidity levels getting too high or too low because the Smart Fog system will keep the room at an optimal level of humidity. Each Smart Fog system is equipped with a CPLC controller. This utilizes an intelligent algorithm which allows the system to generate the required humidity for any given environment. Smart Fog systems draw in the warm dry air from all the equipment, filter it through the system, and cool humidified air comes out. Data centers can get very warm from all the equipment, so it is important that the humidifier has a cooling element to it as well.

Automated Controls

Smart Fog humidifiers come with fully automated controls and data logging capabilities. Data center employees can change and verify humidity levels at any time using a time-frame program. This level of automation helps users to ensure that humidity levels are exactly where they need to be in the data warehouse. The data logging feature is also beneficial. This allows users to monitor humidity levels and see how it affects the operation and efficiency of the equipment.

No Wet Spots

When people hear humidifier, they often worry that this means their environment will be humid and full of wet spots and damp surfaces. With Smart Fog, this is not the case. Each commercial humidifier we make produces micron droplets. In fact, we have achieved the smallest droplet size in the industry at 4.2 microns. Due to the size of the droplets, the water is 100% evaporated by the time it reaches the ground. Thus, the droplets make your environment humid, while not leaving behind wet spots. This is very important in a data warehouse. If equipment were to get wet, it could be very damaging and potentially dangerous.

Dust Suppression

Another benefit of getting a Smart Fog system in a data warehouse center is that it eliminates dust. The machines inside data warehouses are very expensive and getting dust in them could cause them to break and need maintenance. When computer and networking equipment is involved, it is important to keep the environment as clean and dust-free as possible. Smart Fog uses technology where it injects oxygen into each droplet produced by the humidifier. The system then uses de-correlation technology that reverses cohesion and maximizes adhesion. This results in the attraction of airborne dust to the droplets. Once they adhere, they are then oxidized, achieving a 100% dust suppression rate. Since the droplets are so tiny (4.2 microns), total dust suppression can occur.

Reduces Airborne Pathogens

Similarly to the dust suppression technology, Smart Fog systems are also able to oxidize viruses and bacteria. We know how important your warehouse staff is and the technology in our system can reduce the spreading of bacteria and viruses within the warehouse. Hopefully this will translate to your employees feeling better and thus being more efficient and taking less sick leave.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of getting a Smart Fog system for a data center is that it is low maintenance. Simply plug them in and they are ready to go. We know how busy data center staff are, working to make sure the equipment is running in tip-top shape at all times. We don’t want to add to your stress by creating a humidifier that needs a lot of work. The Smart Fog systems don’t have any moving parts so chances are low that it will break and need repairs. The piping inside the system is all plastic and flexible, making it very durable so that it will last for a long time.

Improves Quality

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Overall, a Smart Fog commercial humidifier will improve the quality of your data center. By keeping the environment at a precise level of humidity without leaving behind wet spots and dust, your machinery will be able to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our system not only produces humidity, but it also has a cooling effect. This will improve the quality of your machinery since it won’t get too hot. When it comes to data centers, a Smart Fog humidifier is a fabulous choice to keep your warehouse up and running. In the long run, it could actually save you money by keeping your equipment working longer due to operating under ideal humidity levels and temperatures.

In today’s world of ever-increasing connectivity, data centers have become crucial to providing space for large, high-tech computing and networking equipment. At Smart Fog, we have a commercial humidifier option that is perfect for data centers. Our systems provide precise levels of humidity while reducing dust, bacteria, and viruses. Thanks to the micron droplets, no wet spots will ever be left behind. Overall, our humidifier will make your data center much more efficient. It allows the equipment to operate within an ideal environment that has the perfect temperature and levels of humidity. Last but not least, our systems are extremely easy to set up and require hardly any maintenance. For more information about commercial humidifiers and getting one installed in your data center, contact Smart Fog today.

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