Greenhouse Foggers Humidification Systems

Why greenhouses need foggers

One of history’s unsung botanists is the first president of the United States, George Washington. Washington spent many hours in his greenhouse caring for plants and looking for better ways to grow vegetation of many types. Over the years, many innovations have been created to help greenhouses create the right atmosphere to properly grow plants, such as greenhouse foggers.

Effectively delivering water into the air to create humidity without creating standing water can be a challenge. By producing water droplets less than 10 microns in size, the water from greenhouse foggers can quickly evaporate into the air instead of falling to the ground. DryFog.US creates miniscule droplets of water with its proprietary, supersonic system.

More Unique Innovations in Greenhouse Humidity Sensors

High-quality humidity sensors have always been a challenge to create for greenhouse foggers that monitor the wet bulb temperatures in a greenhouse. DryFog.US has developed an innovative solution using a specially designed leaf using fiber optics. The leaf sits in the greenhouse like any other leaf to provide an accurate representation of the water being delivered to all of the plants. The fiber optics notice even the slightest changes in the light as a result of the moisture in the air. Information is relayed to the foggers and changes are made as needed.

The Smart Fog greenhouse foggers make use of low-pressure delivery systems for the fog created. Unlike a noisy high-pressure delivery system, the Smart Fog foggers go unnoticed by most people as they quietly do their job year after year. You need humidity and Smart Fog can help you get it.