Fog Contributes Food Safety

Everybody recognizes the importance of food safety, and food-borne illnesses can occur if perishables aren’t properly stored or kept at a safe temperature. For this reason, it’s imperative that restaurants, grocery stores, and other food manufacturers, take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their food.

Restaurants and grocery stores order food from suppliers. These suppliers in turn transport these items to the appropriate location. This transportation takes place in different types of climates, and sometimes the temperature inside trucks can soar. This greatly impacts food safety. But even if transport vehicles maintain a safe temperature, food can become contaminated during transit.

Fortunately, Smart Fog offers several organic options for disinfecting trucks and improving food safety. These disinfecting products create a dense fog that quickly and effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria and other substances that can contaminate food and cause illness. With this system, food safety isn’t compromised and items reach their destination in the safest condition. 

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