Five Tips Choosing Right Industrial Humidifier – Smart Fog

Industrial humidifiers serve an important purpose in many operations. Not only does humidification help the surrounding hot air temperatures to decrease but they also help with air pollutants and odor control.

Many standard humidifiers are available, but how do you know which is right for your specific industrial plant or warehouse?

Every industrial operation is unique and should carefully evaluate their industrial humidifier options before making a decision. The following are some tips to use as part of your review:

Are there concerns about mold?

Some industrial humidifiers may exacerbate the growth of mold. A non-wetting dry fog humidifier will not promote mold growth, keeping your environment cleaner.

How “wet” will your environment get?

While you may want some moisture in the air, wet spots or high humidity levels can cause more problems than you may wish. A humidifier that will maintain adequate humidity levels without causing wet spots should be a requirement.

Will there be a lot of maintenance?

All industrial humidifiers require some degree of ongoing maintenance, but you need to minimize the amount of routine maintenance in order to keep costs low. Look for humidifiers that have a reduced clogging apparatus, easy plug and play set up, and simple cleaning procedures.

Is the system safe?

An industrial work environment that prices itself in safety should always confirm that the humidifiers will comply with their specific protocols. This may include worker exposure, electrical safety, and installation or maintenance safety.

What will be the energy consumption?

With the rising costs of energy and the need to conserve as much as possible, you should check to make sure the humidifier is energy efficient and also will use a minimal amount of water to perform adequately.

How much coverage is needed?

Because every plant or warehouse is configured differently, have a study performed to determine where the humidifier should be placed and whether additional units might be needed.

Of course, price is always an important consideration, but plant managers and business owners should look at the overall value of the unit. Consider the expected lifespan of the humidifier, the ongoing maintenance costs, energy expenses, and the expected performance.

The Smart Fog industrial humidifier system provides a very attractive overall value and return on investment for your operation. Smart Fog provides highly efficient, low maintenance and a dry fog system that virtually eliminates wet spots or inconsistent humidity levels. The easy installation and low maintenance requirements make Smart Fog the best choice for every type of industrial operation. Contact Smart Fog for more information and a study of your plant or warehouse to determine what would work best for your specific operation.

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