Five Signs Your Business Needs a Humidification System

Signs of dry air and the damage it can cause are easy to miss if you aren’t looking for them. Low humidity levels can cause your employees and customers discomfort as well as increased expenses for your business. Here are five ways to know if your business needs a humidification system.

Common Spaces Feel Colder than They Should

As dry air sucks the moisture out of everything it touches, it takes heat energy with it. This causes the source of the moisture (often your skin) to feel colder. This difference is called relative humidity, and it also accounts for the phenomenon we call “wind chill.” If your employees or customers complain of feeling chilled in your buildings, low humidity could be the culprit. Balancing the moisture in the air prevents evaporation and keeps a space feeling comfortable.

High Heating Costs

Related to the chill that dry air brings, it is not uncommon for heating bills to rise significantly in dry spaces. This is because the heat must be turned up to make up for the dry air. If your heating system is cranking but making little headway, it could be that the air it is producing is too dry. A humidification system could increase its effectiveness.

Cracks in Wood and Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

While you may be tempted to chalk up the damage to normal wear and tear, cracking trim and doors are a sign of low moisture levels. The same is true for peeling paint on walls or furniture and wallpaper that bubbles or pulls away from the walls. Low humidity levels can even damage wood flooring, artwork, furniture, and musical instruments. Wood warped by low moisture can incur irreversible damage. A humidification system is an excellent solution that will extend the life of your furniture, decor, and building itself.

Static Electricity

Arcs of static electricity cause more than temporary discomfort. Too much static can even damage electronic devices. It is also a good indication that there is not enough moisture in the air. If your employees are experiencing frequent static shocks, a humidification system could be required to protect your staff from discomfort and your company’s equipment from damage.

Illness and Discomfort

Inadequate humidity in the air can facilitate the spread of disease. It also encourages dry eyes, dry skin, chapped lips, and coughs. If you are finding your staff is often diminished because of sickness or other health issues, it is worth considering a humidification system. The Smart Fog® system uses cutting-edge technology for 100% dust suppression and oxidization of both bacteria and viruses, giving you a cleaner working environment and a healthier team.

You don’t have to put up with chilly spaces, dry coughs, and static shocks. Installing a humidification system in your business can make a drastic difference in the comfort of everyone inside. It will also lengthen the lifespan of your furniture and electronics. Contact us for a free quote today.

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