Finding Humidifier for Industrial Use to Avoid Condensation

If you live in an overly humid climate, you already know what it’s like to experience the effect of high humidity brings. It’s not fun for workers who have to work in those conditions. And for this, you need to effectively control humidity in your workplace. Even if you’ve conquered the problem of low humidity and symptoms with dry air, your relative humidity perhaps still isn’t balanced. High humidity could still affect you and your workers each summer. For these reasons, finding and selecting the right humidifier for industrial use is very crucial.

Much of this is usually a result of inferior humidifiers. Many of them don’t use the intelligent precision control on RH to keep a moderate humidity level. Maybe it successfully solves your dry air, yet high humidity continues being a problem beyond just summer months.

While this can affect how employees feel while working, it creates another issue that may harm equipment. Condensation is one of the biggest concerns, yet it’s perfectly controllable when finding the right humidifier for industrial use.

How Overly High RH Affects People

No doubt you’re already aware of what low humidity can do, especially with skin dryness, as well as creating nasal issues. You may not think high humidity could affect how your employees feel, but it does.

Along with making people feel hot and sticky in the summer, it’s also apter to make employees feel more chilled when cold weather occurs. So if your employees feel like they can’t get warm this winter in your warehouse, it’s time to inspect the humidifier you’re using.

To truly know, buy a hygrometer to measure your humidity levels and see what’s going on. If you notice your relative humidity going far above 40%, then you definitely have a high humidity crisis to solve.

It’s time to reevaluate the humidifier you’re using and whether it’s better to switch to something else.

Condensation From Humidifiers

Now that you know how much high humidity affects employees, condensation on surfaces can cause just as much damage. Condensation causes problems for your surrounding equipment, whether it’s digital technology or mechanical machinery.

The last thing you want is to come to work and see a layer of water on top of your industrial equipment. Even worse is when you find condensation on your computers in the office, causing a possible tech failure. It could lead to a major financial disaster in having to replace all of your equipment.

One reason humidifiers make this happen is that they don’t use smaller water droplets. Anything above 4 microns in water droplet size is going to cause condensation to develop virtually overnight.

At Smart Fog, we’ve designed humidifier for industrial use that keeps all water droplets at 4.2 microns, a sweet spot. It’s part of our equal air spacing technology you can’t find in competing products.

Maintaining Your RH Without Manual Control

Despite lower water droplet size preventing condensation, any humidifier worth its price needs to provide precision control. Through quality automation, the best humidifiers maintain RH throughout the day so you don’t get sudden spikes in high humidity.

Without this, you’ll have to constantly monitor your humidifier, something you don’t have time to do. You shouldn’t have to when intelligent automation can do it for you without constant manual supervision.

With our humidifiers at Smart Fog, you’ll have no moving parts, making it safe to set your humidifier and let it run autonomously. Thanks to direct-space, in-duct, or mobile options, you have various choices to help control condensation perpetually.

More so, you’ll get something American-made and energy-efficient, so you don’t use a power guzzler just to keep humidity maintained.

Contact us to learn more about how our humidifiers beat condensation problems in all major industries, including in commercial buildings.

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