Finding a Humidifier for Industrial Use: Why an In-Duct Installation Can Help You

If you work in the industrial industry, the manufacturing facility where you work can become a hazardous place beyond what’s seen to the naked eye. It’s things you don’t see, as in the air, that can cause just as much damage to equipment or your employees.

Even if you’ve adhered to OSHA regulations on safety, humidity is something you can’t readily see without looking at outside factors. First, you need to buy a hygrometer and set it up in your facility. This is going to tell you whether a humidity problem truly exists in your work place if you’ve long suspected it.

Common signs of this include equipment malfunctions, or bronchial and skin problems in your employees if humidity goes low.

The solution is a humidifier for industrial use, though you may not have enough room for a direct space humidifier. In this scenario, don’t give up, because an in-duct solution is available with innovative features.

Why an In-Duct Humidifying System?

Here at Smart Fog, we realized not all industrial facilities are alike. Far too many humidifier manufacturers don’t provide installation options. They automatically assume everyone has room for a direct space humidifier on-site.

When you’re already strained for physical space, you don’t want to have to squeeze in a humidifier that may have dangerously moving parts. A product like this could easily cause injury, especially when employees have to work and walk around the humidifier constantly.

An in-duct installation option is something you can’t find often enough. We offer this solution at Smart Fog where you can install a humidifier directly into your existing HVAC system.

Many other benefits exist doing this, and it’s not as complicated as you think to get it installed quickly.

A Fully Automated System

We’ve simplified the installation procedure for in-duct systems, making it workable the next day for your industrial facility. Your current HVAC system can operate normally, yet you’ll have new automated features to use immediately. You’ll be able to finally maintain relative humidity in your work site all hours of the day (and night).

Since your industrial business might run 24/7, our Precise Relative Humidity Control feature assures no manual settings on your HVAC unit every few hours. Now you can turn on heat or cooling and be able to maintain RH consistency for the sake of your equipment and employee health.

At play are other innovative features you can’t find in many other in-duct humidifiers.

Non-Wetting Technology

One major feature is our standout non-wetting technology that eliminates any chance you’ll get condensation on surrounding equipment. This occurs by reducing droplet size to 4.2 microns, something that hasn’t become a standard as it should.

Having this available guarantees no wet spots around your building, which could ultimately cause as much damage to industrial equipment as low humidity.

It’s a feature allowing better control of mold, bacteria, and dust. All of these could plague your facility for months without you initially knowing it.

Safety and Energy Efficiency

Another great safety feature is your in-duct humidifier operates with low operating pressure to assure no overheating. Plus, it has a non-clogging mechanism to prevent damage and constant maintenance.

Obviously, you also want energy efficiency in your humidifying system. Through us, you get energy and water conservation at a level not possible anywhere else.

What you’ll find most convenient is if in-duct isn’t suitable, wall installation is available as a convenient option. No matter where you install, you’ll still have the above features, plus so much more.

Contact us at Smart Fog to learn more about in-duct installation and why we’ve become a leader in humidifying equipment.

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