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Smart Fog® Commercial Humidifier Products


If commercial humidifier products with non-wetting technology are what you are looking for, then look no further. Smart Fog® is the leading manufacturer of dry fog commercial humidifiers… in fact; we developed and patented Dry Fog technology, and claim the smallest water droplet size in the industry.  Anytime humidity is needed without excess moisture, we’re the people to call!


Our Line of Smart Fog® Commercial Humidity Product


ES100 Humidifier
Our most popular model, the ES100 is an easy to use “plug and play” non-wetting humidifier. It is designed to meet the humidity requirements of a majority of commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. There are several different models to choose from.
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ES100 Mobile
Bring portability to your commercial humidifier needs. The ES100 mobile is a complete plug and play mobile humidification and disinfection system that’s perfect for on-the-go applications.
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MS100 Humidifier
For larger applications or humidity needs, we present the MS100. This model was engineered for complex, large-scale humidity control applications, such as dust suppression and Greenhouse/Nursery Operations over 10,000 sq feet (For smaller needs, use the ES100.)
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DS100 Humidifier
Commercial aircraft humidification needs are specific, so for those applications, we designed the DS100. It is engineered for aviation humidity control in private, cargo, and commercial aircrafts.
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RS100 Humidifier
Retail perishables have complex humidity needs, and the RS100 is a non-wetting humidity control solution that fully meets them. Ideal for retail produce, meat and fish display cases.
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Smart Fog® commercial humidifier products
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Product Features and Benefits

While the actual specs will vary by model, some of our features and benefits include:

  • Low pressure, only 100 PSI
  • Moisture control up to 99% humidity without wetting surfaces
  • Cooling effects to 20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Uniform droplet size (as small as 4.2 microns)
  • Energy and water conservation by 40 to 60 percent
  • Even application of any water dissolving chemicals without waste
  • Simple installation, low maintenance, fully automated
  • The BEST service in the business, bar none!
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Smart Fog® – Your Clear Choice


Smart Fog® is dedicated to producing the best non-wetting humidity solutions available. Humidity is our business, and we take it very seriously. Hence, we care about whether our products perform to your expectations, both today and tomorrow. We manufacture our products in the U.S with the strictest standards of workmanship and reliability. They are designed to be maintenance free, and to give you years of reliable service. However, we are also here to back up everything we sell – in fact, when you buy a commercial humidifier product from us, the relationship is just beginning.


The Smart Fog® patented technology is based on fractal frequency technology developed in 1972. This technology utilizes precision engineering, which is combined with compressed air and water to reverse the correlation effect. This creates a consistent water droplet size (as small as 4.2 microns), which is distributed into the air in a consistent and controllable dimensional delivery. Since the droplets are uniformly sized and distributed, you get even, precisely-controlled humidity without wetting exposed surfaces.


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