Extend Produce’s Shelf Life – Save Money – Cold Storage

When you think about the types of equipment and investments that are critical to running a successful restaurant, many obvious choices come to mind: refrigerators, stoves, freezers, etc.  Each of these pieces of equipment has a job to do, and if executed properly, won’t cost you money.

But the way in which restaurants store foods – particularly produce – can have a severe impact on the business.  Think about it: have there been times when new produce arrives, and a day or two later, you can’t help but notice its quality has rapidly deteriorated?

That’s because when not stored with the proper level of humidification, produce can experience an extremely short – and costly – shelf life  In other words, proper levels of relative high humidity is good for produce: the water stays inside the fruits and vegetables, ensuring continued firmness and high-quality.  Relatively low humidity creates the opposite effect, which, of course, also affects the restaurant’s bottom-line.

A cold storage humidification system, in effect, can improve upon existing refrigeration techniques and extend your produce’s shelf live.

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