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Evaporative Cooling Systems

Smart Fog system is very efficient system to reduce temperatures by 20° from outside temperature. One of the elements of properly caring for the vegetation inside a greenhouse is maintaining the correct temperatures inside. However, traditional heating and cooling systems are not cost-efficient for meeting the needs of the greenhouse. Many companies use evaporative cooling systems to control the air temperature and the humidity in the greenhouse more affordably and more efficiently. The most efficient one to replace  is Smart Fog system which is reduce the Temperature by 20° and keeping the right Humidity. The Smart Fog system can fit to any size and Shape green house.

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Two ratings are important for monitoring temperature and humidity in greenhouses and other storage facilities. The air temperature (dry bulb) is the temperature of the air without any water or humidity. The wet bulb temperature measures the amount of water in the air. In many food, wine, artifact and other storage applications, the amount of water in the air is extremely important.

How Evaporative Cooling Systems Work

Evaporative cooling systems place water into the airstream of the facility through the process of evaporation. Evaporative Fan and Pad systems use a big porous pad with water flowing through it and a fan that pulls water through the pad and sends it into the air. With this system, a gallon of water can produce 8,100 BTUs of heat. The water increases in temperature the further from the pad it gets.

An Alternative to the Evaporative Cooling System

Dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures can also be controlled using a fogging system. Fogging systems spray small droplets of water into the air, but the problem is that most fogger systems add too much water to the air for a greenhouse or storage facility, causing damp surfaces and standing water, which can lead to water damage of those surfaces, and mold, mildew, and bacteria growing in the water. Smart Fog has developed a fogging system that creates the proper control of both wet and dry bulb temperatures without putting so much water into the air that it settles to the ground becouse of the Droplet size 4.2µ. ( Defined as Dry Fog)  . The Smart Fog system can create humidity levels of 98 percent without water collecting on the items in storage