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ESD Control For Electronics Manufacturing:

How A Humidifier Can Help

Electrostatic discharge, also called ESD, is a serious issue you want to avoid. It occurs within electronics manufacturing. By knowing you are dealing with ESD, you can explore a solution. ESD control for electronics manufacturing can be achieved by installing a commercial humidifier. This can make a dramatic difference in your plant.

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You need to realize that there are going to be an array of sources of ESD. This includes insulators and conductors alike. ESD can be positive or negative charges, and some materials are capable of storing a larger charge. Positive charges generally accumulate on human skin. Negative charges are more common on synthetic materials. Knowing the difference is important

More solid-state electronics exist than ever before. ESD has started to become an issue because of this. Even though electrostatic discharge has been around since the start of time, you need to learn how to deal with it right. This means looking at a way to get rid of the extra charge in the air.


How To Ensure ESD Protection

Why ESD is a Problem

In some industries, ESD is not a problem. Some people may notice a small electric shock when they touch something. This won’t cause an issue in day-to-day operations, though. However, when it comes to electronics manufacturing, the electrostatic discharge can be compared to a small bolt of lightning. Current will travel in order to reach the ground. It can travel on any and every available path. This may include computer boards and other technology. It has been known to burn holes, even though some holes may not be visible to the naked eye. There could be heat damage and various other issues.


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If the ESD continues to happen time and again, it may start to disrupt equipment operation. If there is not a lot of testing in place, circuit boards may leave your plant. They could then come back because there are problems. You want to pay attention to each and every ESD event. This allows you to document problems with the overall amount of electrostatic discharge in the air.

The ESD can occur because of human contact, clothing, and much more. Employees may wear electrostatic wrist straps. This may not be enough. It may involve placing synthetic materials near electronic equipment, moving quickly near electronic equipment, and many other scenarios. You cannot control everything in such an environment and therefore you have to control the static electricity that is present within the air.

The Need for Humidification

Commercial Humidification is a necessity when you want ESD control for electronics manufacturing. The installation of a humidifier is going to increase the overall level of moisture in the air so that the electrostatic discharge can dissipate. This will make it possible to get work done without having to worry about human touch. It can also get rid of issues with synthetic materials near electronic equipment. Further, if there is rapid air movement near the electronics, it’s not going to disrupt any of the operations. However, you may not be able to control all.

Many worry it could mean too much moisture in the air . This could cause damage to circuit boards or other electronics. This is not an issue. This is because the right system will reduce the droplet size of the water. The droplets self-evaporate. A smart control system allows you to choose the level of humidity, down to the percentage.


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Clean Environment with Smart Fog

Smart Fog system can incorporate any water dissolving material. Clean environment