Effective humidification solutions for health and safety

Controlling humidity controls mold and dust mites, which can lead to health effects ranging from allergic reactions and asthma to impaired immunity and neurological functions.

To effectively control pollutants, both moisture and air infiltration must be controlled. Maintaining an indoor RH below 60 percent prevents surface mold. Dust mites cannot reproduce if RH is below 50 percent.

Smart Fog, Inc. is a world leader in industrial and commercial humidification system. If non-wetting commercial humidifiers are what you’re looking for, Smart Fog has a variety of options that use Dry Fog technology.

If you need humidity, fumigation and cooling solutions that perform consistently, reliably and affordably, Smart Fog is worth considering for your facility’s health and safety. Features and benefits include a jumbo non-clogging nozzle orifice; non-wetting, precise humidity control; uniform droplet size, energy and water efficiency; low maintenance; and plug and play installation.

Visit www.smartfog.com/humidifier-products.html for more information on Smart Fog industrial and commercial humidification products.

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