Dry Fogger Dry Fog System

Dry Fogger, Humidity Without Wetness

Industrial humidification can be a complex art. Different applications call for different solutions. However, one of the major downsides of high humidity levels can be the consequences of wetting. There are a variety of situations in which humidity must be achieved where wetness can be a serious problem. This is the beauty of a Dry Fogger. You can get the humidification you need without the devastating wetness.
For this unique problem, a specific technological solution is needed. Luckily, the experts at Smart Fog have delivered just such an innovation. They employ patented DryFog technology in building unique systems which deliver humidification up to 99% without any wetness. For a business in need of a Dry Fogger, they have provided the solution.
Plenty of businesses would benefit from the use of a Dry Fogger. Some food processing and mushroom production facilities require specific levels of humidification. Tobacco and cotton storage might require this as well. Dry fog humidification delivers lots of benefits to food service and agricultural facilities. A Dry Fogger might have industrial application for HVAC systems, explosive storage, waste disposal, and paper production, just to name a few. There are countless commercial and industrial uses for a system that achieves humidity control without wetness. Smart Fog has remained a trusted name in humidification systems for over 30 years.
They produce a Dry Fogger for any type of application. Their devices scale comfortably in size based on the facility in which you will need the unit. They deliver the energy and water efficiency that will keep your costs very low. Their machines are designed to need very little maintenance. Lower energy cost and easy maintenance mean a better bottom line for your business.
Their DryFog technology is based on a fractal frequency innovation from 1972. This unique system allows for the even distribution of a 4.2 micron water droplet throughout the air. Due to the careful placement of these tiny droplets, no exposed surfaces in your facility will become wet. Whether you want your humidity at 1% or 99%, there will be no wetness. This is truly important technology for a lot of different industries. This Dry Fogger truly lives up to its name.
Smart Fog is committed to energy efficiency. They realize their shared responsibility in a more sustainable world. They have developed a Dry Fogger that is going to save you 40% to 60% on energy and water consumption. This is going to result in reduced costs for your business. In today’s economy, businesses know how important it is to have a streamlined business model with lower costs. Smart Fog offers the efficiency you need to control costs and reduce your impact on the environment.
For those who need humidification without wetness, Smart Fog has exactly what you need. Their Dry Fogger is going to deliver the right humidification more efficiently. Their units have low maintenance costs, and they offer hands-on support. If you need to control humidification and energy costs without wetness, Smart Fog’s DryFog technology is the perfect solution for your business.