Dry Fog Systems

There are all kinds of situations where you might need dry fog humidity control. If you own a wine collection and it’s important to you to keep it at the right level of humidity, this type of control might be right for you. If you have cold food storage, it can be essential as well. With lots of different companies offering these type of systems, it can be hard to know which company you should trust. When considering your options, there are a few things you should look for.

There are numerous advantages to installing Dry Fog humidifier systems in order to replace older technology.

Why Choose Dry Fog Humidification

There are numerous advantages to using Dry Fog humidification, such as the fact that this type of technology uses less water and power – Dry Fog machines typically save as much as 60% of these resources when compared to regular humidifier machines. These machines are also fully automated and have low maintenance needs, providing less expense by way of technician callouts as well. These features combined make a Dry Fog humidifier a solid investment.

Old School Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers emitted moisture using a variety of designs:

  • Ultrasonic: vibrations create a moist mist.
  • Impeller: A hi-speed, rotating disc creates the moisture
  • Evaporative: a fan blows air through a wet wick or filter which traps particles before being emitted as a mist.

Every system had multiple moving parts and resulted in a wet mist that often created wet spots on surfaces and floors.

New Fog Humidification

Water is forced through a nozzle system to atomize water into a superfine fog. Although many dry fog systems are available, not all are alike. There is only one with the technology to provide humidity control without the creation of any wet spots on surfaces, SmartFog. The fog commercial humidifier has been phenomenal and opened the new era of fog commercial humidifier.

Advantages of Installing Dry Fog Humidifiers

There are a number of advantages to installing and using Dry Fog humidifiers when a room humidifier is needed. Older technology often requires regular maintenance – Dry Fog machines are now made which can go up to two years without needing to have a maintenance service performed. Another advantage of using Dry Fog machines is that they waste less water than older machines, and are also lighter on electricity consumption. This can help to reduce utility bills for companies which run processes which require continuous humidification.

Uses 50 to 90% Less Energy and Water

The Dry Fog Humidification Air conditioning system saves energy. In warm climates, the “dry fog” system is the energy efficient alternative to steam systems. It saves the energy used to heat the water, and the extra cooling needed to cool the steam. The natural de-correlation process used to create the 4.2-micron droplets is energy-efficient, using 50 to 90% less energy and water. Other humidification systems, such as high pressure, steam, ultrasonic, and atomization – are all energy intense processes. Smart Fog® technology, used in our dry fog humidifiers, not only creates the smallest droplets but does it with less energy and water than other humidification systems.

Controlled Processing

For optimal results, manufacturing processes need accurate and controlled humidity. Since air cooling always dries the air, adding humidity gives complete control over all needs.

Increased Comfort

Furthermore, it increases comfort. Adding humidity in air-conditioned buildings makes workers and visitors more comfortable and invigorated.

Low Maintenance and Long Lasting

One of the main reasons why Smart Fog® technology is low maintenance is because of the de-correlation process involved in creating the small 4.2 micron droplets. Usually, with commercial humidifiers, the orifices get clogged because of the narrow nozzles going in and out. Smart Fog® technology allows for a large orifice to facilitate both input and output, which means it doesn’t clog very easily. Also, our dry Fog commercial humidifiers’ nozzles are made from high-grade 316 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Because of the low maintenance (required every two years), no moving parts, quality manufacturing (engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.), plug and play installation, and quality materials used – our dry Fog commercial humidifiers with Smart Fog® technology are long-lasting, life time systems.

Special Needs and Customization

Special needs can be performed by the Dry Fog humidification system. The Smart Fog system will also disinfect the air conditioning system, room areas or even add scents to the air.

4.2 Micron Droplets Oxidizes Bacteria, Dust, Viruses, and Mold

Smart Fog® technology has the smallest droplets of any humidification technology in the industry. This is done through a reverse correlation process, which refers to the cohesion and adhesion properties in water. This is a non-chemical process that maximizes adhesion and reverses the cohesion, resulting in 4.2-micron droplets and an oxidation effect on bacteria, dust, viruses, and mold, thus eliminating them and creating a safer and healthier environment.

Dry Fog Allows Higher Humidification

The technology known as ‘Dry Fog’ technology was only developed fairly recently but has proven itself to be a highly effective technology. Dry Fog allows higher humidification, as levels of humidity as high as 90% and higher can be created without the problematic occurrence of wetting, an undesirable phenomenon which can cause mold and other types of deterioration to take hold. Dry Fog systems can be purchased via suppliers online, and advice can also be obtained on which machines to use for particular applications.

Dry Fog Humidifiers Precise Humidity Control

In various industrial processes, precise humidity control is required in order to create atmospheric conditions suitable to the process at hand. Dry Fog humidifiers make use of frequency technology to provide humidification which can be controlled to an unprecedented degree – with a Dry Fog humidifier; it is possible to create humidity levels as high as 99% without any wet spots being produced. This is due to the fine and consistent size of the water droplets produced by these machines. All Dry Fog Humidifiers are manufactured by Smart Fog.

Dry Fog Provides Industrial Humidification Minus Wetting

Smart Fog® technology makes humidity, fumigation, and cooling solutions possible without wetting or drains. The 4.2-micron droplets evaporate 100% before they reach any surface so that no moisture will collect on any exposed surfaces. This eliminates wetting and the need for drains from the commercial humidifier. Older humidifier machines were not always effective at preventing surface wetting. In some industrial applications wetting is undesirable; in others it may even prove disastrous. Dry fog technology keeps water droplets airborne until they have evaporated, so that wet spots are not able to form, even when humidity levels are elevated substantially. A system which uses water sparingly is more affordable to run, providing long-term savings.

Low-pressure Dry Fog Systems are Less Hazardous

Machinery which operates under high pressure poses some risk of explosions, which is another reason why many businesses prefer the newer technology available in dry fog systems. Room humidifiers which are sparing in their power consumption and safe to operate can be left running twenty-four hours a day, and are thus useful in applications such as food ripening and wine storage, where environmental control must be continuous. Machines which are well suited to a range of industrial applications can be obtained via www.smartfog.com.

Dry Fog Systems Create the Finest Mist

Mist, which is fine water droplets which are separated due to pressure, can be created effectively by a Dry Fog humidifier system. This technology is capable of producing the finest mist, and thus is capable of creating highly humid environments where there is no risk of wetting. Dry Fog machines are less heavy on water usage as well as power consumption, thus providing precise control as well as cost-saving usability.

The last thing commercial businesses need is a high-pressure humidification system to regulate, maintain, and control. Most commercial businesses have enough equipment to control, so it’s a refreshing change to have a safe, plug and play, low-pressure humidification system – that works better than the alternatives.

Smart Fog® technology only utilizes 100 psi of compressed air; the system is completely pneumatic, except for the control unit which uses only 2 AMPs of 24 V DC. This makes our commercial humidifiers easy to install and safe for any work environment – while still being highly effective in controlling humidity levels.

Dry Fog Technology for Sensitive Applications

As its name implies, ‘Dry Fog’ technology is a humidification system which uses water droplets so fine that the immediate environment stays dry, even when levels are elevated to over ninety percent. Wet spots are prevented from forming due to the minute size of individual water droplets produced by these machines. Minimizing droplet size reduces adhesion, so that individual droplets are not attracted to each other to form larger ones. The avoidance of wet spots is crucial in many sensitive industrial applications.


Some tests show that humidity systems reduce the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) by up to 55%. Also, they reduce power usage (in kW) by up to 33%, depending on the climatic conditions. U.S.A. utility companies are testing the efficiency of the systems in varying conditions.

Investing in Dry Fog Machines

Investing in dry fog machines is a smart plan of action if you require humidification. These fog systems are cheaper to run, as they are more economical in their use of resources. They also are safer, as they make use of low air pressure. These systems present logistical convenience too, as they are easy to install.

Contact Smart Fog for Dry Fogger Needs

Smart Fog® technology makes it possible to control the humidity levels in a commercial environment, without the common problems they create: wetting, high maintenance, constant regulation, hazard to workforce, and difficult installation. This is an industry leading technology, giving commercial businesses the most efficient humidification systems available. Smart Fog’s four different industrial humidifiers can meet the need of any application, including remote use with the ES100 Mobile Humidifier.

These five benefits are not available with alternative humidification systems and are good reasons for commercial businesses to consider our dry Fog commercial humidifiers with Smart Fog® technology. Smart Fog has been perfecting our humidification systems for 30 years, to meet the humidification needs of commercial businesses. To learn more about Smart Fog® technology, please contact us today.

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