Dry Fog Humidification Air Conditioning

Needs and Solutions

Dry Fog humidification air conditioning systems are a better alternative. Most air conditioning systems dry out the air and will compromise manufacturing processes. This makes workers and guests uncomfortable. Smart Fog Solutions works two ways to make commercial air conditioning systems more comfortable and efficient. Adding water vapor to circulating air will improve comfort. Also, it is necessary for many manufacturing processes. Furthermore, for energy savings on hot days, applying “dry fog” to the system’s condenser coils. This reduces the load on coils and saves energy costs.

How does Dry Fog Humidification work?

The Smart Fog Fogger uses supersonic compressed air to create micro droplets of water as a true “dry fog.” The droplets evaporate into the air before they enter the A/C ducts. Also, the Smart Fog Fogger can be placed inside large duct systems.
In A/C for manufacturing processes and factory comfort the Smart Fog Fogger is installed in an Air Treatment Unit. However, it can also be placed in ducts to add water vapor to the air, before or after cooling. Custom solutions are available for all industrial and commercial systems.
Conventional air conditioners can fail due to excessive loads on the condensing coil due to extreme heat.

Furthermore, spraying the coil with water to try and solve this problem will only cause calcification and deterioration. The True Organic Humidity Solutions provides “dry fog” to cool the air around the coils without wetness on the coils. Therefore, the dry fog humidification maintains heat transfer efficiency and reduces operating costs. Coils will also stay dry which will ensure there is no calcification.
Use True Organic’s expertise in temperature and humidity sensors. The True Organic Humidity Solutions can be controlled to maintain pre-set humidity. It can also pre-cool coils only when the A/C unit is under an extra, heavy load.


The Dry Fog Humidification Air conditioning system saves energy. In warm climates, the “dry fog” system is the energy efficient alternative to steam systems. It saves the energy used to heat the water, and the extra cooling needed to cool the steam.
Control Processing: Manufacturing processes need accurate and controlled humidity for optimal results. Since air-cooling always dries the air, adding humidity gives complete control for all needs.
Furthermore, it increases comfort. Adding humidity in air-conditioned buildings makes workers and visitors more comfortable and invigorated.
It is low maintenance. With its large 1.5 mm orifice, the Smart Fog Fogger nozzle won’t clog like the pinhole foggers do. Also, with no moving parts in the fogger, maintenance is minimal.
Special needs can be performerd by the Dry Fog humidification system. The Smart Fog system will also disinfect the air conditioning system, room areas or even add scents to the air.


Some tests show that humidity systems reduce the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) by up to 55%. Also, they reduce power usage (in kW) by up to 33%, depending on the climatic conditions. U.S.A. utility companies are testing the efficiency of the systems in varying conditions.

Proven Results:

Smart Fog Solutions installed the Dry Fog Humidification system in leading manufacturers around the world. Contact Us for references.