Does a Humidifier Improve Your Employees Health?

The use of humidifiers in business generally relates more to industrial humidifiers. They can also be a huge benefit to the health of your employees. It may not be a commonly recognized benefit by business owners and office managers. But using humidifiers can keep employees happier and healthier – and on the job more consistently. Here are some of the ways that humidifiers can improve employees health. It ensures a more comfortable working environment.

Fewer infections

Moist air acts as a deterrent to the spread of bacteria and viruses. Humidifiers can be a powerful ally in the fight against the proliferation of colds, flu, and other diseases. A humidifier can be the difference between staying healthy through the winter and having a workforce that struggles with absenteeism.

More Youthful Skin

Air that’s dry and cold tends to extract much of the moisture from your skin. It can lead to such issues as itchiness, flaking, and even accelerated aging. All these uncomfortable effects can be mitigated to a large extent by humidifiers. Moreover, it keeps air quality at a much more comfortable level.

Less Sinus Discomfort

Especially during winter, dry air can have the effect of dehydrating your sinuses. It is one of the main causes to lower the body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria. There is also the issue of comfort associated with dry sinuses. It can produce a tight, uncomfortable feeling in your nose. The irritation can also be avoided by properly humidifying the air.

Faster Healing

Research has shown that if you got cold, flu or sinus infection, humidified air help to heal quickly. Since your throat and your nasal passages moisten, the symptoms you experience from coughing and sneezing are reduced. It also lessens the irritation to your nose and throat.

Reduced Symptoms of Asthma

If you have any workers afflicted by asthma, most of them will probably agree that the moisture generated by humidifier helps ease their breathing. In cases where asthma is complicated by a respiratory infection, the benefits of humidified air can be even greater for anyone suffering from this condition.

A humidification system can tremendously benefit to the health of your employees, especially during the wintertime, when cold, dry air typically creates issues for skin and for breathing. It is important to note, however, that all humidifiers used should free of debris so they are injecting clean, humidified air into the work environment. With conscientious maintenance, a humidification solution can add greatly to employees’ comfort and can help avoid unwanted, sick time and its corresponding loss of productivity.

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