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Post harvest disease control solutions

  • Conveyor Non-wetting disinfection
  • Cold Storage
  • Container
  • Trucking
  • Mold Control


Duct cleaning

Class room disinfection

Anti microbial applications

Smart Fog is in the business of providing state of the art humidity control solutions that offer residential as well as commercial applications. If you are in the business of food storage, winery management, or perishable goods transport, you are undoubtedly the perfect candidate for readily available Smart Fog disease control solutions.

Take a moment and identify the potential weak spots in your standard operational setup. These areas are identified as the likely hazards that may lead to spoilage and fiscal losses that could be beyond recovery. They include sanitation procedures of food handling equipment, container germ control, cold storage cleaning issues, and – perhaps the most dreaded – mold control.

The benefits of the Smart Fog disease control solutions reside in the simplicity of the application. A perfect maintenance of humidity levels with patented technology makes Smart Fog the premier means of eradicating unwanted mold, bacteria and also dust. There will be no puddles of standing water that invite disease causing agents to thrive.

In addition to the foregoing, insect control – which is a common problem at the majority of food processing centers currently in operation – is virtually 100%. Since the low operating pressure makes Smart Fog safe and economical, you will notice that freedom from disease does not have to cost a small fortune and put a serious dent in your bottom line. As a matter of fact, it might actually save you quite a bit of money!

Best of all, Smart Fog disease control is manufactured in the United States, and customer service is quick, borderline local, and just a toll free phone call away. When you are ready to check out the Smart Fog disease control applications for your operation or even residential needs, contact the company at 1-800-921-5230 or simply send an email to info@smartfog.com